Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yoga Retreat in the Sierra Foothills

The Sierra Foothills in the fall are magical. It is the very picture of fall with majestic trees and colorful leaves. It was the perfect place for my yoga teacher training group to spend the weekend. We stayed at The Yoga Place
in Georgetown, California.

The Yoga Place has two yoga studios, a pilates studio and a walking meditation labyrinth! The land is very well cared for and the owners are warm and extremely welcoming. Our group of feisty gals barged in and made the place our own. The amount of food we had was astounding. It looked like an ancient Greek feast. Fruit, cheese, bread, wine...all of the best stuff. During the day we put ourselves through a vigorous practice and at night we acted like girls at a slumber party. The mountain environment combined with the loving, caring environment we have created for each other. It was the perfect time and place for several of us to teacher for the very first time!
Karen's class was well put together and light-hearted. Beth's class blew me away by focusing on the feet. It was extremely detailed and had a great tone. After seeing those two ladies teach it was hard not to compare myself. When Beth taught her class, a doe came and stood right outside the window. Her presence and energy was THAT amazing.
By Sunday it was my turn to teach. I was terrified. My class was a restorative class influenced by the class I took with Judith Lasater. Everyone was looking forward to restorative after the long weekend and that made me even more nervous. Honestly, I was hyperventilating. But, I followed my notes and really fed off of the great energy of the group. There calm became my calm. When I saw their bleary-eyed blissed out faces at the end I was overwhelmed. I did it! That thing that yoga teachers do to make you feel good! What an experience. I am beyond grateful to have had such an amazing first class.

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