Monday, July 22, 2013

Can we say fat?

A child asked her obese teacher how she fit through a door. The child was reprimanded for offending the teacher. Unfortunately, she was not able to understand that she was in trouble because it hurt the teacher's feelings. This is a true story that happened recently. The young child wasn't speaking out of judgement or malice but her curious mind was trying to work out the logistics of being very large. Honestly, there are logistics to obese bodies and accommodating them in restaurants, airplanes, and other public spaces. The child was being honest. Shouldn't we? 

Venus of WillendorfMy fiance recently found a book written in the 1970s. It has some radical (and possibly unhealthy) views about obesity. The basic point of view of that author was that obesity is repulsive. That is a wildly inappropriate and not politically correct idea for the current day. However, I do like the idea of being honest about obesity. It is unhealthy to be overweight. And as many of us see the numbers on the scale creep up are we being honest with ourselves about it? How do people end up weighing 400 lbs? They gain it one pound at a time!! When do you stop and say enough is enough? Major weight loss stories always have an "ah ha moment". That moment when the person realized it was time to make some serious changes and lose some weight. So I would like to take a good look in the mirror at myself and honestly say that I need to make some changes. Yes, I eat a healthy diet and I could argue all day about weight charts and what a healthy weight really is. But after all that, it is just time for me personally, to face up to some bad habits and do more for my optimal health. I think we might be a healthier society if we all took personal responsibility for our health and weight. It is not a judgement it is about the logistics of the human body and what is needed for optimal health.  

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