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Class Review - John Friend's Artful Sequencing

originally posted July 30, 2011 by Corey Jean Jones
Blogger for Wanderlust Festival 2011

As a yoga teacher, I try to observe my students' bodies for cues on where to lead the class and what they are ready for. John Friend's class for teachers hit on this and explained it further. He points out that there are physiological reasons for sequencing. There is a sequence and pattern to the flow of life around us. If we observe the flow and integrate it into our bodies we can ease into poses that we didn't think were possible. Personally, I am finding that to be true in my classes at Wanderlust. I am able to open deeper, take it slower and integrate more completely than I have before. At the same time, I am seeking out my personal edge. That point where I am truly striving toward poses that challenge me. Im working toward these poses step by step. This is my job as a teacher, to guide my students in the same way.
John tells us to start sequencing by picking a peak pose and break it down into its simplest parts. Also keep in mind, not to start the class out so slow that you get to the peak pose without time to properly cool down. Through the progression of the class don't let a student continue beyond the poses that their body is ready for. This way students are less likely to get hurt. Lets face it, yoga teachers can be a somewhat flaky bunch. Writing out a class sequence beforehand doesn't always happen. But this is the way to keep your students at their edge and moving forward. It also keeps the classes more interesting and students motivated.
John Friend's amazing storytelling and witty sense of humor make his classes fun. His years of yoga study have given him the personal experience and knowledge to really sequence artfully. For me, I have noticed my sequencing getting richer. Artful, hopefully, is right around the corner.

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